DCB M41 40 Catamaran RTR TQi 2.4

$449.99ITEM: TRA57046-4

This is the Traxxas Radio Controlled, Electric Powered,            
               Ready to Race DCB-M41 40" Twin Hull Catamaran                  
                  with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM).                    
FEATURES: Traxxas Stability Management (TSM): Superior tuning algorithms run on
            high-speed electronic components for greater control. TSM can be  
            fine tuned or turned off by adjusting the multi-function knob on  
            the TQi transmitter or the slider in the Traxxas Link app          
          Hull: Vacu-formed ABS catamaran shoebox style with factory applied  
            graphics, detalied cockpit, and built-in foam flotation, hatch    
            removes with one clip that is attached to a rubber lanyard to      
            prevent loss                                                      
          Drive System: Quick release flex cable, with rudder, rudder support  
            and drive strut extruded and machined from 6000 series aluminum    
            alloy for maximum strength and precise control, adjustable        
            outdrive height and angle                                          
          Trim Tabs: Stainless steel                                          
          Brushless Motor: Water cooled Traxxas Velineon 540XL, ultra high    
            temperature sintered Neodymium magnets, precision balanced rotor  
            and high-speed ball bearings                                      
          Electronic Speed Control: VXL-6S marine with Traxxas High-Current    
             battery connectors, designed for true 6S power                    
          Radio: 2.4GHz TQi, can be equipped with an optional Traxxas Link    
            Wireless Module (#6511 sold separately, TRAC6511) that turns      
            driver's smartphone into a powerful tuning tool                    
            Compatible with iPhone (4S or later)                              
                           iPad (3rd gen and later)                            
                           iPod touch (5th gen and later)                      
                           iPad mini                                          
            #6533 5-channel Traxxas Stability Management receiver              
          Steering Servo: Traxxas #2056 high-torque waterproof                
          Propeller: 2-blade composite, 42x59mm                                
          Battery Trays: Adjustable, batteries (not included) are secured with
            hook and loop straps                                              
INCLUDES: DCB-M41 40" Catamaran with Brushless Motor, ESC, 2.4GHz Radio and    
REQUIRES: Batteries: Two 11.1V LiPo, at least 5000mAh                          
          Battery charger compatible with selected batteries (Traxxas offers a
            Completer Pack (TRAP2990) that includes two 5000mAh batteries and  
            a dual battery charger)                                            
          AA Batteries: Four for transmitter                                  
          LiPo charging bag, shore and maintenance equipment                  
SPECS:      Catamaran;                                                        
          Hull Length: 39.5" (1003mm)                                          
          Overall Length: 40.6" (1031mm)                                      
          Overall Height: 9.95" (253mm)                                        
          Beam: 10.5" (267mm)                                                  
          Weight: 5.42lb (2.4kg) without batteries                            
          Dead Rise Angle: 14.5°                                              
          Input Voltage: 4-6S LiPo, 14.8-22.2V DC                              
          BEC Voltage: 6.0V DC                                                
          BEC Current: 3A                                                      
          Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown                                
          Low Voltage Detection: Yes (user enabled)                              

Spartan Brushless 36 RTR w/TQi 2

$399.99ITEM: TRAB65**

This is the 2.4GHz radio controlled, brushless electric powered ready to race
    Traxxas Spartan Deep V Racing Boat with Traxxas Stability Management.      
                     **Requires batteries and Charger**                        
FEATURES: Traxxas Stability Management (TSM): Superior tuning algorithms run on
            high-speed electronic components to ensure arrow-straight          
            acceleration and smooth turns. TSM can be fine tuned or turned off
            by adjusting the multi-function knob on the TQi transmitter, or    
            slider in the Traxxas Link app                                    
          Hull: 36" (91.4cm) super rigid deep-V configuration                  
          Drive System: 0.150" (3.8mm) diameter cable with blue anodized      
            aluminum rudder, rudder support and drive strut, stainless steel  
            turn fins, trim tabs and hardware                                  
          Propeller: Two-blade composite 42x59mm                              
          Motor: Traxxas Velineon 540XL Brushless, water-cooled                
          Radio: Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz high output, 5-channel micro receiver,    
            high-torque waterproof steering servo, system is compatible with  
            Traxxas Link Wireless Module (not included,sold separately-        
            Module is compatible with iPhone (4S or later)                    
                                      iPad (3rd gen and later)                
                                      iPod touch (5th gen and later)          
                                      iPad mini                                
           Allows driver to view real time telemetry with optional sensors    
           (telemetry sensors, and IPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod touch not  
          Steering Servo: Waterproof high-torque                              
          Electronic Speed Control: Traxxas VXL6s engineered by Castle with    
            on-board low voltage detection for proper battery maintenance, and
            6S LiPo capability, (electronics are compatible with two 3S LiPo  
            packs-not included, can use two TRAC2872, and the Traxxas EZ-PEAK  
            EZ-PEAK Plus LiPo charger, TRAP2933)                              
          Battery Trays: Adjustable, hook and loop straps hold a variety of    
            battery configurations and allow batteries to be positioned to    
            adjust ride trim                                                  
          Power Module: Quick release design integrates power system,          
            electronics and stuffing tube                                      
INCLUDES: Traxxas Spartan Deep V Racing Boat, 2.4GHz TQi radio, brushless      
            motor, TSM, Castle engineered ESC, and instructions                
REQUIRES: AA Cells: Four for transmitter                                      
          Batteries: Two NiMH 7-cell flat packs with Traxxas connectors        
          Battery Charger: Compatible with selected batteries                  
          Shore and maintenance equipment                                      
SPECS:    Hull Length: 36.5" (927mm)                                          
          Overall Length: 40.8" (1037mm)                                      
          Beam (Width): 9.5" (243mm)                                          
          Weight: 72oz (2041g)                                                
          Dead Rise Angle: 26°                                                
          Input Voltage: 7-18 NiMH Cells, 2-6 LiPo Cells (8.4V-22.2V DC)      
COMMENTS: The Spartan VXL is available in two color schemes;                  
            Blue, TRAB65BB                                                    
            Red, TRAB65RR