Traxxas Velineon VXL-6s Electronic Speed Control

$139.95ITEM: TRA3485

Few speed controls can match the VXL-6s ESC for raw, tire-shredding power. Whether tearing through the desert in the Unlimited Desert Racer or maxing out the E-Revo on a 70mph speed run, the VXL-6s ESC pours on the power you demand for over-the-top fun. Power doesn’t need to be complicated and the VXL-6s offers the same user-friendly experience you get with all Traxxas speed controls. Just plug in the batteries, press the EZ-Set button, and hold on!

Traxxas Link Wireless Module

$29.99ITEM: TRA6511

The Traxxas TQi paired with the Traxxas Link app is the most advanced, feature-rich, Ready-to-Race radio system available. TQi connects wirelessly to the latest Traxxas Link app for the ultimate in ease-of-use and control. The TQi radio system can be equipped with the Traxxas Link Wireless Module to unlock exciting features such as instant Bluetooth connectivity; access to the full range of powerful TQi tuning and telemetry tools through an intuitive high-definition graphical interface; and the ability to have a friendremotely monitor real-time telemetry while you focus on mashing the throttle. Your co-driver can even make adjustments for you, remotely, while you drive. No other radio system can do that. Just like the speed and performance Traxxas engineers into the vehicles, the power and capability of TQi and Traxxas Link expands your fun into all-new territory.

• Compatible with Android 4.4 and up or Apple iOS 4.3 and later platforms
• Use with the powerful Traxxas Link app, available on Google Play and the App Store
• Customize your radio settings
• Program the Multi-Function knob
• Turn Training Mode on and off in seconds
• View real-time telemetry with optional sensors
• Bluetooth low energy
• Easy and simple device pairing
• Powered by TQi transmitter
• Integrated into transmitter body
• Quick and easy installation, installs in minutes

Sensor Auto-Detectable/Temperature

$14.49ITEM: TRA6526

Traxxas - TRA6526 - 6526 Sensor Auto-Detectable/Temperature

Traxxas TQi Radio System Telemetry GPS Module 2.0

$74.99ITEM: TRA6551X

This is a Traxxas Telemetry GPS Module 2.0 for the TQI Radio System.

Traxxas TQi Radio Telemetry Expander 2.0 with GPS Module

$119.99ITEM: TRA6553X

This is a Traxxas Telemetry Expander 2.0 with GPS Module 2.0 for the TQI Radio System.