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OIF & OEF Modern US Vehicles Acrylic/Enamel Paint Weathering Set (#121, #122, #123)

$23.99ITEM: AKI-120

The modern American vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq are becoming a theme that is just as important as the German vehicles from WWII. Many brands of plastic kits are now inclined to produce vehicles from these two theatres of operations, OIF and OEF. This set has been exclusively designed for modelers that make these types of vehicles, they can however be used for subjects of other armies & time periods.

This set includes:

Odorless Enamel Thinner 35ml Bottle

$7.99ITEM: AKI-49

This property of the odorless thinner (Turpentine) makes it great for delicate, soft and subtle blending. This thinner is exclusive to enamel and oil paint.

AMT 1/25 Space 1999 Nuclear Waste Canister Parts Pack

$15.49ITEM: AMTS9925

This is the 1/25 Scale Space: 1999 Nuclear Waste Canister Parts Pack by AMT.

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in off white
4 nuclear waste canisters included
Waterslide decals

MIG Weathering Pigment Box Set Urban Combat (4 Colors w/Thinner)

$23.99ITEM: MIG-233

This is a great set from MIG for your factory or building diorama weathering. Set includes one bottle of Thinner for washes, and one each mig powder of concrete, old rust, dry mud, and rubble rust.


$18.99ITEM: MIG-247

Includes 3 filters:
P244 Green filter for light green
P245 Brown filter for dark green
P246 Grey filter for bright green


$15.99/ EA


$15.99ITEM: MPTH815

Mascot offers the hobbyist high quality tools that will make any modeling project a snap.

Dust Cover 30VG

$7.29/ EA

Dust Cover 30VG

$7.29ITEM: OSMG5646


Rubber construction, black in color
Replaces worn or damaged dust covers

Dripping Wet Decal

$5.99/ EA

Dripping Wet Decal

$5.99ITEM: PAR10633

Dripping Wet Decal

1/24-1/25 Unpainted Disc Brakes (4) (Plastic Models)

$3.49ITEM: PGH-1092

1/24-1/25 Unpainted Disc Brakes (4) (Plastic Models)

Tamiya Spray Lacquer TS-92 Metallic Orange 3oz

$9.49ITEM: TAMR5092

This is a 3.4oz (100ml) can of Tamiya Color Spray Lacquer for Plastic Models
(TS-92 Metallic Orange)
For Adult Modelers Only.


Specially developed for painting plastic models
Synthetic lacquer cures in a short period of time
Enough to fully

Tamiya Lacquer Thinner 8 oz

$9.99ITEM: TAMR7077

This is the 8oz (250ml) bottle of Tamiya Lacquer Thinner.


Thinner used for removing oil and paint from painting tools and
brushes. Can also be used to thin Tamiya putty, liquid
surface primer and lacquer paints.

Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color Black

$6.49ITEM: TAMR7131

We're sorry, but this product has no additional details.

Panel Line Accent Color Brown

$6.49ITEM: TAMR7132

We're sorry, but this product has no additional details.

Panel Line Accent Color Gray

$6.49ITEM: TAMR7133

We're sorry, but this product has no additional details.

Tamiya Weathering Master C Set

$11.49ITEM: TAMR8785

This is the Tamiya Weathering Master Paint Set.


Plastic case with 3 paint compartments
Orange Rust (for orange tinted rust finish)
Gun Metal (for dark metal finish)
Silver (for worn out metal edges)

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