SIG 4-Star 54 .40-.46 GP/EP ARF Red 54"



Some of the biggest news in the RC ARF industry in 2013 was the return of the SIG FOUR-STAR 60 ARF to production. And, not only is back, but it is back in a big way with major upgrades!

The first is the name change. The old FOUR-STAR 60 is now called the 4-STAR 64 EG. The "64" in the names indicates the wingspan of the airplane. Yes, the new 4-STAR 64 is shorter! Clipping the wing has been a common modification that Four-Star pilots have been doing for years, cutting off the last rib bay at the tip of each wing panel. The clipped wing improves the roll rate and overall maneuverability, with no loss of stability and slow flight characteristics. The 4-STAR 64 EG ARF still lands like a trainer!

The "EG" in the name means the airplane is designed to accommodate either Electric or Glow Power. Fly with a 2-stroke glow engine, a 4-stroke glow engine, or a brushless outrunner electric motor and lipo battery. It'll fly any way you like it!

All the control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, and rudder) have been enlarged for better control response at slow speeds.

The canopy has been streamlined for a sleeker, modern design. That's another change that many Four-Star pilots have been doing themselves - replacing the original "high bubble" canopy for a lower one. However, if you still prefer the traditional bubble shaped Four-Star 40 canopy, you can still get that as an option. They both fit perfectly! Available in Red or Yellow.

Other upgrades include a molded fiberglass cowling and a removable hatch on top of the fuselage for quick access to the battery/tank compartment. Also the top of the fuselage between the canopy and the fin (the turtle deck) is now fully-sheeted with balsa for smoother appearance and greater strength.

SIG Kadet Mark II GP Kit .25-.40,57.25"

$75.99ITEM: SIGRC49

You can't go wrong with a KADET!

The KADET Mk II has provided thousands of fledgling R/Cer's with their first success at radio control. The .40 size KADET Mk II is a full-house 4-channel trainer with ailerons.

For over 25 years, the SIG KADET has been helping new R/C pilots earn their wings. It was the first model airplane on the market that was designed from the ground up for learning to fly R/C. A SIG KADET has all the features a good trainer needs.

Rugged Balsa/Ply Construction
Precision Die-Cutting
Formed Aluminum Landing Gear
Steerable Nose Gear
Molded ABS Cowling
Full-Size Plans
Photo-Illustrated Instruction Book
Free copy of The Basics of R/C
Elevator & Rudder Pushrods
Aileron Torque Rods & Pushrods
Control Horns
Nose Gear Bearing
R/C Links & Rods
SIG Easy Hinges
Engine Mounts
Bolts, Nuts, Screws

SIG Mid-Star 40 Kit

$104.99/ EA

SIG Mid-Star 40 Kit

$104.99ITEM: SIGRC56


Are you a novice R/C pilot looking to move up from a high-wing trainer? Are you an intermediate pilot looking for a fully aerobatic sport model? Or, are you an advanced pilot looking for a kit that builds fast and is just plain fun? Look no further! The MID-STAR 40 is your answer! The MID-STAR 40 is a great way to launch into the wild world of aerobatics. When you re ready to return to earth, the MID-STAR 40 will settle down for slow, gentle landings every time. Novices and experts alike will appreciate the removable fuel tank hatch, the stylish canopy that comes off with one screw, and the simple overall design. The structure is sturdy enough for the toughest weekend flying. If you re looking for sport flying at its best, you ll find it in the SIG MID-STAR 40.

Laser-Cut Lite-Ply Fuselage
Simple Balsa Wing Design
Pre-Cut Tail Surfaces
2 Big Decal Sheets
SIG Easy Hinges
Builds Fast!
High Performance
Mid-Wing Stability
Low Building Time

SIG Hog Bipe Kit

$166.99/ EA

SIG Hog Bipe Kit

$166.99ITEM: SIGRC69


The SIG Hog Bipe is one of the masterpieces in the legendary history of SIG airplanes. Yet, this beauty isn't just aircraft eye is a fully-aerobatic barnstorming maestro. Thousands of modelers have been delighted with the slow flying, yet fully aerobatic, flight performance of the original ASTRO HOG. Well, now you can have the same easy flying aerobatic performance in a sport biplane design - the SIG HOG BIPE. Just like the ASTRO HOG, the HOG BIPE performs any maneuver in the book, yet flies slow enough to let you enjoy it. As the old saying goes, "NOTHING FLIES LIKE A HOG!"

The HOG BIPE kit is fast-building and easy-to-assemble. Computer accurate parts that fit together perfectly make it easy for the average builder to successfully assemble an accurate, straight-flying biplane. The large photo-illustrated instruction book takes you through every step of the assembly.

Quick Building Lite-Ply Fuselage
Traditional Built-Up Balsa Wing
CAD Drawn Plans
Photo-Illustrated Instructions
Formed Aluminum Landing Gear and Cabane Struts
Molded ABS Plastic Headrest and Wheel Pants
Engine Mounts
SIG Easy Hinges
Complete Hardware

Extensive Prefabrication:
38 Laser-Cut Parts
Precision Die-Cutting
Pre-Shaped Leading Edges
Pre-Shaped Trailing Edges
Pre-Shaped Ailerons, Elevators, Rudder


$2.49ITEM: SIGSH715

Designed for use in cable control systems in giant-scale models. Attach cables directly to the Tiller Bar, or use clevises or ball links on the ends of the cables. (The thin ends of the Tiller Bar are the correct thickness for clevises.) Use a servo with a solid pushrod to drive the Tiller Bar. Molded of durable nylon. Complete with bearing, mounting bolt, washers and nut.