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Thunder Tiger RoboHero Robotix Robot Kit

$100.00ITEM: TTRX1010

This is the Electric Powered RoboHero Programmable Humanoid Robot Kit from Thunder Tiger Robotix.

Humanoid robot walks, dances, bows, performs sit ups, push ups and more...
Seventeen moveable joints
Built-in Arduino chip allows action sequences to be customized and strung together as a series of action commands
Controllable by phone APP with easy to use Arduino open source hardware and software-no cables or computers required-simply open editor on Android or iOS device and program settings
RoboHero can also be programmed via USB
Battery indicator on chest illuminates when battery is low
Perfect introduction to robotics and the STEM program for students

RTR RoboHero Programmable Humanoid Robot
7.2V 550mAh Lithium Battery
AC Wall Type Battery Charger
Quick Start Guide

16 found, showing page 2 of 2