Scalextric Track & Accessories

Le Mans Sports Cars Set

$114.99ITEM: C1368T

Take part in your own version of Le Mans with this fantastic set. Feel the sense of accomplishment of making it to the end of an endurance race, with nearly five meters of track and four different track configurations to pick from, plus a lap counter to keep track of your progress against your opponent. Even if you prefer shorter, quicker races this set is perfect with its two Super Resistant Le Mans Prototype cars that can keep going even after more serious accidents.

There’s also an adjustable power setting on the hand controllers to limit the speed of a race, perfect for keeping less experienced racers on the track!

• 4 Track Layout
• Speed Limiter Controller
• Lap Counter

2 x Le Mans prototype cars
1 x Powerbase
2 x Speed limiter controllers
1 x Lap counter
6 x R2 90 degree curve
6 x R2 45 degree curve
1 x Track support
4 x Spare braid plates

Half Straight 175mm (2pk)

$10.99ITEM: C8207

Push-fit Scalextric track for quick and easy circuit building.

Connect modern Scalextric track to original track (which has ring-shaped connectors) using the C8222 Converter Straight.

Shown with C8223 Half Straight Borders (not included).

Age Suitability: 5+
Length (Inches): 7

Micro Scalextric Hyper-Cars Set

$39.99ITEM: G1108T

Densely charged with turbo power, Bugatti Veyrons are record breaking in performance! This Micro Scalextric set features two leading cars, both in dazzling colours. Take off on this challenging race track and swerve past your rival contender!

• 9 Track Layout
• 9 Track Layout
• Speed Limiter Controller
• Speed Limiter Controller
• Super Resistant
• Super Resistant

2 x Bugatti Veyron
Track (361cm)
2 x Speed limiter hand controllers
Power & accessories