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Rise Vusion Houseracer 125 FPV Race Quad RTF

$179.99ITEM: RISE0207

This is the RISE Ready to Fly Vusion Houseracer 125 FPV quadcopter. It’s a complete RTF FPV indoor mini quadcopter with 5.8GHz race-band FPV equipment. Get "up close and personal" with everything from the change in your sofa to those cobwebs in your ceiling fan. Explore every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Turn pillows and towels into an instant obstacle course. Zip and flip through every corner of every room. Fly up to 8 minutes on a single LiPo battery charge. With the Vusion House Racer, there are no limits.


RISE Vusion Houseracer 125 FPV Quadcopter with 600TVL Camera
FPV-RM2 monitor
FPV-G1 Goggles
RISE J2000 6-ch Radio System
USB Charger
Four AA Batteries
Extra set of Blades
Instruction Manual
Wall Guards

Note: Follow Rules for Safe Operation of FPV Aircraft. Always follow the AMA Safety Code when operating model aircraft. Visit the Academy of Model Aeronautics and search for "FPV 550" and read "Document 550 - Utilizing First Person View Systems" to learn about the safe operation of FPV "First Person View" systems in model aircraft.

Rise INDORFIN 130 Brushless FPV Race Drone FPV-R 20

$179.99ITEM: RISE0220


This is the 2.4GHz radio controlled, electric powered, Rise INDORFIN 130 200mW brushless FPV-R race drone. If high speed RC flights in an exceptional, small FPV race drone are your thing, you'll want to check out the cutting edge INDORFIN. It's available in both FPV-R and fully loaded Race Pack versions for pro and beginner pilots. Either way, you get the power of 3S LiPo batteries for blistering speed and a carbon fiber frame for exceptional durability.

Open source Betaflight software makes it exceptionally easy to fine tune, program, and fly. Plus, at just 130mm on the diagonal, it's compact enough to do sick FPV stunts in and through tight spaces. If fast, freestyle FPV is your thing, you need the INDORFIN!

• Camera: 600 TVL, adjustable to offset the tilt forward of extreme speeds
• VTX Transmitter: 5.8GHz 200mW, 40 channel
• 5.8GHz Receiver: 32 channels
• Receiver: Built-in, compatible with the Rise 2000 transmitter, "bind" button built into Indorfin links the Indorfin and the J2000 transmitter
• Motors: Four 4100Kv, 1104 size
• Flight Controller: F3 Flight Controller with Betaflight, an open source flight software that allows pilot to customize their own flight program, or just pick up and fly
• Frame: Carbon fiber
• Canopy: Removable to save weight, allows receiver to be installed on top
• Battery: 3S, 11.1V 740mAh 20C Onyx LiPo battery with XT30 connector
• 4-Pin Receiver Extension: Allows the Indorfin to be used with nearly any other receiver such as Futaba, Tactic, Spektrum and more, simply plug in your receiver to Indorfin RX port and select type of receiver in the Betaflight program

Rise RXD250 Quad Racer

$151.00ITEM: RISE0250

This is the electric powered RXD250 Quad Racer from Rise. Stripped down, light, and made from high-impact foam and carbon fiber, the RISE RXD250 lets you cut in close to every obstacle and find the craziest, scariest route on the course. Go ahead and push it. The RXD250 is designed to go fast and withstand a crash; it’s painstakingly crafted to be supremely rugged so you can have fun without worrying about breaking your new quad racer.

• Foam and carbon composite frame
• Four 2280Kv brushless motors
• Pre-programmed CC3D flight controller
• Receiver Ready - just add battery and receiver
• Three flight modes available
• Stability mode - limits tilt angle and levels quadcopter when right stick is centered
• Rattitude mode - centers quad and limits tilt angle when right stick is near center, when stick is moved away from center, limits are removed
• Rate mode - for experienced pilots, quad maintains pitch or heading when right stick is released

Rise RXD250 Quad Racer with Motors, Propellers and Instructions

At least 5-channel radio system
3S 1500-1800mAh LiPo battery
LiPo balancing type battery charger