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$16.99ITEM: RMXY9642

The fast cure for "funny car" fever! The original funny cars were created by moving the rear wheels forward on a passenger car. That made them look “funny” to drag-racing fans — and now, funny cars have a class of their own in racing.

This Funny Car Trophy Series Kit is in a class of its own, too. It comes with everything you need to be competition-ready fast. Race-legal wheels and axles.

A preshaped body with a wing, exhaust pipes, engine and decals. A weight for added momentum and speed. And you get paints and decals on top of that!

The Funny Car is just one of the exciting Trophy Series Kits available. There’s also the Sprint Car and Dragster! You can see them here on the Web site and find them at better hobby stores and retailers everywhere. And remember: if it doesn’t have the Revell® name and Boy Scouts of America seal, it’s not an officially licensed Pinewood Derby® Product!

49 found, showing page 5 of 5