Woodland Scenics Canister Shaker 32 oz

$4.99ITEM: WOOU0194

This is the WOODLAND SCENICS - WOOS194 - S194 CANISTER SHAKER 32 OZ. Perfect for storage of all landscaping materials.  It can also be used to sprinkle fine turf, coarse turf, etc.

Woodland Scenics Earth Color Kit

$21.99ITEM: WOOU1515

A simple system for staining rocks, terrain and plaster castings such as portals. Beginners can get quality results. Water-soluble colors can be diluted and blended in limitless combinations.

Colors included: (1oz bottles)
Stone Gray
Slate Gray
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre

Kit also includes:

Woodland Scenics Light Diffusing Window Film

$15.49ITEM: WOOU5715

Diffuses light evenly throughout when lights are on and eliminates the need for a building interior. Blocks the outside view through the windows of an empty building, while still allowing light to shine through the windows from the inside. Use the optional Window Tint together with Diffusing Film to make windows appear dark when lights are off. Material is easy to apply and Tint and Film will each cover approximately 216 square inches (13.9 sq dm) of window space.