Multiplex Planes

Easy Star EP RTF

$184.99/ EA

Easy Star EP RTF

$184.99ITEM: MPUA1303

This is the electric powered, ready to fly hand launch              
                         Easy Star by Multiplex.                              
FEATURES: All Elapor foam construction white fuselage, gray wings              
            Elapor foam repairable with regular (not foam safe) CA glue        
          Mid dorsal 400 motor with 5" pusher prop                            
          Elevator, Rudder, and throttle control                              
          X-08 Multiplex ESC                                                  
          Neon SS FM 72MHz 3-channel radio system with receiver and            
            two Tiny-S Multiplex servos                                        
          7.2V 600mAh NiMH battery with Tamiya connector                      
          Preinstalled pushrods for elevator and rudder                        
          Removable canopy for installation of receiver, battery, and ESC      
          Hitec CG-72S DC quick charger                                        
          Ready for flight in about two hours                                  
          Instruction manual for plane and radio                              
INCLUDES: Foam fuse with installed Rx, ESC, pushrods, servos, battery, and    
            motor. Gray foam wings, elevator, rudder. 3-channel Tx,            
            stickers, and instruction manual                                  
REQUIRES: 8 AA batteries for TX                                                
          Charging included battery                                            
SPECS:    Length:   34"  (864mm)                                              
          Wingspan: 54" (1372mm)                                              
          Flight weight: approx 24oz (680g)                                    
COMMENTS: This model is NOT made of styrofoam and it is not possible to glue  
            the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with an
            activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the          

Easy Glider Pro Kit Buil

$99.99ITEM: MPUA2126

This is the radio controlled, glider or electric powered            
            Multiplex Easy Glider Pro almost ready to fly Sailplane.          
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam to resist damage, white in color          
          Wings: Two piece with fiberglass wing joiner                        
          Spinner: Elapor foam 2.2" (55mm) diameter                            
          Aileron Control: Dual servo                                          
          Control Surfaces: Elevator, rudder and ailerons                      
INCLUDES: One Multiplex Easy Glider Pro with decal sheet, foam spinner, wing  
            joiner, pushrods, hardware and illustrated instruction manual      
REQUIRES: Radio System: 4-channel with micro receiver                          
          Servos: Two micro size for elevator & rudder                        
                  Two nano size for ailerons                                  
          Servo Extensions: Two 16" (200mm) for aileron servos                
          Y Harness: For aileron servos                                        
          Battery: at least 2100mAh                                            
          Battery Charger: LiPo compatible                                    
          If building as glider only the following items are required;        
            NiMH Receiver Battery (at least 1800mAh)                          
            Switch Harness with Charge Jack                                    
            Launching Kit                                                      
          If installing electric power, the Brushless Motor Power Pack        
            (MPUG3226) is required                                            
          Building and Field Equipment: Medium viscosity regular (NOT styrofoam
            safe) CA glue and activator, see COMMENTS                          
SPECS:    Wingspan: 72" (1828mm)                                              
          Length: 44" (1117.6mm)                                              
          Flying Weight: 28.5oz (810g) with standard power system              
          Wing Loading: 6.5 oz sq ft (20 g sq/dm) with standard power system  
          Wing Area: FAI approx. 645 sq in (41.67 sq dm)                      
          Airfoil: Semi symmetrical                                            
          CG (Center of Gravity): 2.7" (70mm) from leading edge at wing root  
            measured at fuselage side                                          
            Control Throws-                                                    
          Elevator, Up and Down:     0.31-0.39" (8-10mm)                      
          Rudder, Left and Right:    0.59-0.79" (15-20mm)                      
          Ailerons, Up:              0.59" (15mm)                              
                    Down:            0.24" (6mm)                              
          Spoilers-Both Ailerons Up: 0.79" (20mm)                              
          Spoiler Mixer (Elevator Trim Compensation): 0.16" (4mm)              
COMMENTS: This model is NOT made of styrofoam and it is not possible to glue  
            the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with an
            activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the          

Gemini Biplane

$104.99/ EA

Gemini Biplane

$104.99ITEM: MPUA2142

This is the radio controlled, electric powered, almost-ready-to-fly,      
               Multiplex Gemini Park Flyer Trainer airplane.                  
                       For Intermediate Modeler/Fliers.                        
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam white in color, two piece fuselage        
          Wings: One-piece all foam                                            
          Radio Compartment: Accessible under wing                            
          Landing Gear: Main, prebent fixed wire 0.16" (4mm) diameter          
                        Tailgear, prebent fixed wire 0.039" (1mm) diameter    
          Wheels: Main, two Elapor foam 2" (52mm) Tailwheel, 1" (26mm) foam    
          Wheel Pants: Two-piece Elapor foam                                  
          Aileron Control: Single servo                                        
          Canopy: Single, tinted                                              
          Spinner: Elapor foam 2.5" (63mm)                                    
          Decals: Peel and stick application with silver and blue accents      
          Building Time: Ready to fly in several hours                        
INCLUDES: Pre-molded wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods, all        
            hardware, pre-bent 0.16" (4mm) wire main landing gear, two main    
            wheels and one tailwheel, spinner, canopy, decal sheet and photo-  
            illustrated instructions                                          
REQUIRES: Electric Power Set: Multiplex Gemini Power Set                      
            recommended, consists of HiMax HC 2816-0890 motor                  
            APC 10 x 5E Prop, 4mm tapered collet spinner driver and ESC        
          Battery: 2100mAh 3S1P-11.1V,                                        
          Radio: 4 channel with micro receiver                                
          Servos: Four mini size, 2-Aileron, 1-Elevator, 1-Rudder              
          6" (152mm) Servo Extensions: Two for aileron servos                  
            Multiplex makes a Flight Pack consisting of four HS-45HB Feather  
            servos and two 6" (152mm) Extensions                              
          Misc. Items: Building and field equipment                            
SPECS:    Wingspan:     36.2" (920mm)                                          
          Wing Area:    527 sq in (34 sq dm)                                  
          All Up Weight: 29.6oz (840g) approx, with recommended equipment      
          Wing Loading: 7.21 oz/sq ft (22g/sq dm) FAI (min)                    
          Length:       36.2" (920mm)                                          
          Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical                                            
          Center of Gravity: Within the range of 2.9" (75mm) aft of the leading
            edge nose of the top wing, molded-in dimples adjacent to the      
            cabane indicate correct balance point                              
          Control Throws-                                                      
            Elevator: Up and Down 0.47/0.39" (12/10mm) +/-                    
            Rudder: Right to Left 0.79" (20mm)                                
            Ailerons: Up & Down 0.63/0.47" (16/12mm) +/-                      
COMMENTS: No info is given on converting this model to glow power.            
          This model is NOT made of styrofoam and it is not possible to glue  
            the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with  
            an activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the      


$99.99/ EA


$99.99ITEM: MPUA2145

This is the electric powered, radio controlled                  
                       FunJet Ultra Kit from Multiplex.                        
                    For Intermediate to Advanced Modelers.                    
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam, white in color                            
          Wings: One-piece with 22.5" (571mm) x .25" (6.35mm) fiberglass spar  
          Canopy: Removable for access to electronics                          
          Landing Gear: None, model should be hand launched and belly landed  
          Control Surfaces: Aileron and elevator (delta mixer required)        
          Hardware: Pushrods, hook and loop material, screw lock connectors,  
            and other miscellaneous hardware inlcuded                          
          Motor Mount: Black plastic construction                              
INCLUDES: FunJet Ultra Kit with Decals, Wing Spar, Motor Mount and Instruction
REQUIRES: Radio: At least 3-channel with elevon mixing                        
          Servos: 2 micro size                                                
          12" (305mm) Servo Extensions: Two                                    
          Motor: Outrunner brushless, Multiplex makes a Power Pack that        
            includes a brushless motor, ESC, propeller and motor mount        
          LiPo Battery: 3S 2100-3200mah pack may require a                    
           mating connector (WSDM1302) to be soldered to the ESC battery leads
          LiPo Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery              
          Building and field equipment                                        
SPECS:    Wingspan: 30.8" (783mm)                                              
          Wing Area: 224.75 sq in (14.52 sq dm)                                
          Wing Loading: 19.7oz sq/ft (60.12g sq/dm)                            
          Fuselage Length: 29.5" (750mm)                                      
          Configuration: Mid-wing                                              
          Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical                                            
          Weight: 31oz (875g)                                                  
          Control Throws-                                                      
            Elevator, Up: 10mm                                                
                      Down: 8mm                                                
            Aileron: +8 / -11mm (negative differential)                        
          Center of Gravity (CG): No numerical value given by manufacturer-    
            Locate hemispherical markings on underside of wing near leading    
            edge. Support model at this point with two fingertips and adjust  
            position of flight battery to balance. Mark location of battery    
            inside fuselage to ensure that it is always replaced in the same  
COMMENTS: This model is NOT made of styrofoam and it is not possible to glue  
            the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with  
            an activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the      

Easy Star II Kit

$94.99/ EA

Easy Star II Kit

$94.99ITEM: MPUA2260

This is a radio controlled, electric powered, foam construction        
                  Multiplex Easy Star II Airplane Model Kit                    
                 For Beginner to Intermediate Modeler/Fliers.                  
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam on the fuselage, wing and tail section    
          Wings: Two-piece, foam construction, white in color, may be built    
            with optional ailerons                                            
          Radio Compartment: Foam, sized for high capacity LiPo packs          
          Landing Gear: No landing gear, model lands on its belly              
          Hardware: Pushrods and other hardware included                      
          Spinner: White plastic 1.4" (35mm)                                  
          Propeller: Plastic, folding pusher type, pro faces the rear of the  
          Decals: Precut colorful Easy Star II logo decals                    
INCLUDES: Foam fuselage, wings, and tail section, prop, spinner, decals,      
            instruction manual, and hardware                                  
REQUIRES: Radio: 3-channel                                                    
          Servos: Two nano (rudder, and elevator control), two extra servos are
            required if building with ailerons                                
          Servo Extensions: Two 12" (305mm)                                    
          Motor: 28mm brushless outrunner with at least 200W output            
          ESC: Brushless compatible, to match selected motor                  
          Battery: 3S 1500-2500mAh LiPo                                        
          Battery Charger: To match selected LiPo battery                      
          LiPo charge bag and miscellaneous building equipment                
SPECS:    Wingspan:   54" (1370mm)                                            
          Wing Area: 435 sq in (2810 sq dm)                                    
          Wing Loading: 8.28 oz/sq ft (25.27 g/sq dm)                          
          Weight:     25 oz (709 g)                                            
          Length:     38.5" (978mm)                                            
          Airfoil: Flat bottom, high wing configuration                        
          Center of Gravity: 3.07" (78mm) back from the wing's leading edge    
            at the fuselage sides.                                            
          Control Throws-                                                      
            Elevator: 0.20" (5mm) up, 0.16" (4mm) down                        
            Rudder: Right & Left 0.39" (10mm)                                  
COMMENTS: This model is NOT made from polystyrene foam. For this reason, it is
           not possible to use white glue or epoxy glue. Use only a medium CA  
           (CA+) glue and activator. Do not use CA glue designed for polysty-  
           rene foam.                                                            

Pilatus PC-6 RR Blue w/B

$209.99ITEM: MPUA2690

This is the Electric Powered, Radio Controlled                  
                Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter Semi Scale Airplane                  
                    in Blue Color Scheme from Multiplex.                      
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam                                            
          Wing: Two-piece detachable                                          
          Motor: PERMAX BL-O 3530-1100 brushless motor                        
          Electronic Speed Control: MULTIcont 40A                              
          Landing Gear: Prebent wire amd plastic struts with springs          
            2.5" (63.5mm) diameter main wheels, 1.25" (32mm) diameter tailwheel
          Propeller: 11x5.5"                                                  
          Servos: Six MS-12016                                                
          Spinner: White plastic 2" (50mm) diameter                            
          Warranty: 90 day limited warranty beginning at date of purchase      
INCLUDES: Pilatus PC-6 Airplane with Brushless Motor, Propeller, ESC,          
            six Servos, and Instruction Manual                                
REQUIRES: Radio: 6 channel                                                    
          LiPo Battery: 3S At least 2200mAh                                    
          Battery Charger: For selected battery                                
          Building and field equipment                                        
SPECS:    Wingspan: 49.2" (1250mm)                                            
          Overall Length: 36.6" (930mm)                                        
          All-up Weight: 17.6oz (1100g)                                        
          Total Surface Area: 369 sq in (23.8 sq dm)                          
          Wing Loading: 15.1 oz sq ft (46 g/sq dm)                            
          Center of Gravity: 2-1/4" (58mm) from the leading edge of the wing  
            measured at the fuselage                                          
COMMENTS: This model is NOT made of styrofoam and it is not possible to glue  
            the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with  
            an activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the      

Tucan Kit Aerobatic Low

$149.99ITEM: MPUA4284

This is the radio controlled, electric powered,                
                   Multiplex Tucan Aerobatic Airplane Kit.                    
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam, white in color with birch plywood side    
            panels in fuselage                                                
          Wings: Two-piece Elapor foam with birch plywood reinforcement, carbon
            reinforced plastic spar                                            
          Aileron Control Dual servo                                          
          Spinner: White plastic 2.2" (55mm)                                  
          Landing Gear: Fixed tricycle type with 2.2" (56mm) rubber wheels    
            may be fitted with optional retracts                              
          Canopy: Vacuum molded smoke tinted plastic                          
INCLUDES: Multiplex Tucan Aerobatic Airplane Kit, with Canopy, Decals, Plywood
            Reinforcements and Instruction Manual                              
REQUIRES: Radio: 6-channel with receiver                                      
          Servos: Five micro with metal gears                                  
          12" (300mm) Servo Extensions: Four                                  
          Motor: Multiplex offers the #33 3663 Power Set (not carried) that    
            includes a HIMAX C 3528-1000, 55A ESC, LiPo Battery, Propeller    
            and hardware                                                      
          Battery: 3S 11.1V, (The Multiplex #15 7371 battery is recommended    
            but not carried by us. The FlightPower Pro 50 3600mAh 3S 11.1V    
            (FPWP5080) is compatible. If using the ESC in the #33 3663 Power  
            Set, the battery connector must be changed to a Dean's Ultra Male  
            (WSDM1302) to mate with this battery.                              
          Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery                    
          LiPo charging bag                                                    
          Building and field equipment                                        
SPECS:    Wingspan: 51.2" (1300mm)                                            
          Overall Length: 43.7" (1110mm)                                      
          Total Weight: 65.2oz (1850g)                                        
          Wing Area: 496 sq in (32 sq dm)                                      
          Wing Loading: 19 oz/sq ft (58 g/sq dm)                              
          Configuration: Low wing                                              
          Airfoil: Semi symmetrical                                            
          Center of Gravity: 3.5" (90mm) aft of the wing root leading edge    
            measured at the fuselage                                          
          Control Throws-                                                      
            Elevator: Up 0.39" (10mm), Down 0.31" (8mm) 20% Expo              
            Rudder: Right to Left 0.59" (15mm) 10% Expo                        
            Ailerons: Up 0.59" (15mm), Down 0.47" (12mm) 20% Expo              
            Nosewheel: 0.31, 031" (8, 8mm)                                    
COMMENTS: This model is NOT made of styrofoam and it is not possible to glue  
            the material using white or epoxy glue. Medium CA glue used with  
            an activator is the only method of gluing recommended by the