Misc. Armattan Parts

Mini Hexa Mobius Plate bobbin (1 piece)

$0.60ITEM: ARM079

These anti-vibration bobbins are only compatible with the Mini Hexacopter Mobius Plate.

Eva Motor Dampeners (4 pieces)

$2.00ITEM: ARM080

Suitable for motors with 16/19 mounts.

PDB Soft Mount

$2.50/ EA

PDB Soft Mount

$2.50ITEM: ARM083

Made of high density plastic foam, this foam is designed to fit our Mini PDB V1, V2 and V3.  The PDB is then soft mounted to the frame rather than bolted to it. By design, you can still stack your FC, OSD, etc, on top of the PDB, thus insulating the whole stack including the capricious sensors on your flight controller.

Be done with vibrations! This fits a vast number of frames, not only Armattan frames.

Replacement Rubber Boots for Landing Skids

$0.60ITEM: ARM084

These are compatible with all aluminium and nylon landing skids.

Anti Vibration Rubber Bobbin (TILT Hexacopter/Rev2)

$0.60ITEM: ARM085

Rated for 600 grams load, this bobbin is used on the Armattan FPV Rev2 frame and the TILT Hexacopter.

7mm M3 Aluminium Thumbscrews (4 pieces)

$2.25ITEM: ARM089

7mm M3 Aluminium Thumbscrews (4 pieces)

10mm M3 Iron Thumb Screws (4 pieces)

$2.25ITEM: ARM090

These are replacement thumbscrews made of iron. They are to be used on the FPV and TILT models and that use aluminium thumbscrews for folks who prefer the extra strength that come with iron as opposed to aluminium which is lighter but a lot weaker. Note that these are not necessary on the GoPro front plate. The alumi thumbscrews are plenty strong for that. These iron thumbscrews are intended to be used on the folding arms mechanism. The aluminim thumbscrews may shear in a hard crash but these iron ones will not.

Micro Buzzer

$2.00/ EA

Micro Buzzer

$2.00ITEM: ARM098

These are not your usual buzzer, though the picture looks the same. The diameter on these is only 8.5mm Very small and just about as loud.