Hangar 9 Planes

Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 30cc ARF

$299.99ITEM: HAN2365


This is the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF airplane from Hangar 9. The first Hangar 9 Ultra Stick ARF revolutionized the Stick genre with innovative design twists that really spiced up performance such as a large double beveled control surface for 3D flight, extra-large control surfaces, and optional quad flaps. Building on the legacy of this popular design, the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF provides intermediate to expert pilots a giant-scale sport plane with a wide flight envelope. Featuring a durable construction and an abundance of power options, you can make the Ultra Stick as mild or wild as you want!

As with its predecessors, the flaps and ailerons are double-beveled so you can take advantage of flaperon and crow mixes. These control surfaces, along with the rudder and elevator, have been oversized for even better 3D capability than before. Hardware and mounting options for gas and electric power are included. Enjoy an intoxicating blend of sport-flying fun with this superbly crafted ARF that more than lives up to its name!

•Incredible flight performance using the tried and true Ultra Stick design
•Flaps for expanded flight envelope
•Covered in genuine UltraCote
•Tail dragger landing gear adds to its sportier looks
•Large double beveled control surfaces
•Two-piece plug-in wings with aluminum tube provides easy transport and assembly
•Lightweight and strong balsa/balsa-plywood construction
•Float-ready-hard points for mounting the Hangar 9 1/5 scale Float Set (sold separately) built into fuselage
•Finished fiberglass wheel pants match UltraCote colors
•Ready to mount the Evolution 33GX Gasoline engine
•Electric motor mount included to make it EP friendly
•Complete quality hardware included

Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc

$399.99ITEM: HAN2990


Packed with firepower, fast and heavily armored, the mighty Republic P-47D Thunderbolt could complete virtually every task the U.S. Army required. WWII pilots called it the “Jug” for its massive size and bottle shape. The enemy knew it better as the “Juggernaut” because it dominated the skies as the toughest and hardest hitting foe ever encountered.

• Expertly constructed with lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood
• Printed, satin-finish film covering with realistic scale panel lines
• Multiple nose art options (3) included for a custom appearance
• Two-piece, plug-in wing for easy transport and final assembly
• Functional flaps expand the flight envelope
• Retract ready—optional E-flite® electric retracts and strut set available
• Rugged fixed landing gear with shock-absorbing struts included
• Large, removable top hatch allows easy access to electronics and batteries
• Painted cowl with dummy engine and exhaust detail
• Gear doors, and 4-inch tires included
• Removable wing cannons and antenna
• Scale control surface hinge lines
• Cockpit details include painted pilot
• Wing pylons and dummy bombs included
• Gas/petrol and glow engine mount included
• Electric motor mount included makes EP installation simple
• Complete hardware kit included

The all new Hangar 9® P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc ARF takes the popular warbird a bold step further. No stranger to making a great flying P-47D model, lightweight, laser-cut construction combines with expert craftsmanship to bring a durable, all-wood airframe with incredible realism and great performance. The result is a model replica that’s a blast to fly and looks as though it belongs in a museum. Highlighting its outstanding appearance is a rich film covering with incredible detail and a satin finish. Stunning only comes close to the description of how the intricate panel lines and soft color transitions take this iconic warbird to deeper level. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and durable. Multiple nose-art decal options included let you personalize the model to your own liking.

With a 20cc gas engine such as the easy-to-use Evolution® 20GX, you can expect to get long flights that cost only pennies per flight. The large top hatch allows convenient access and quick electric flight battery changes. The two-piece, plug-in wing design makes transport and storage easy. Keep it simple by using the rugged fixed landing gear included, or go all-out and install the optional E-flite® electric retracts. You won't be laboring over the basic build. All hinge slots and holes, including those for the flaps, are factory made so that your time at the bench can be enjoyable as possible. A majority of assembly is bolt-together and the complete hardware package includes everything needed for an engine or electric power installation.

Where this Thunderbolt really shines is in the air. Operational flaps make the flight envelope as wide as possible so you can add that touch of realism on takeoff and enjoy smooth landings. With the throttle full-forward, this P-47D proves its heritage with maneuverability that’s rock-solid, heart-pounding high-speed flight and a feel at the controls that will have you wanting more. Whether the P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc is your first warbird or a new addition to a growing fleet, don’t be surprised if a Hangar 9 warbird is all you’ll ever want to fly.

Hangar 9 Sbach 342 60 ARF

$339.99ITEM: HAN4215


A perfect blend of form and function, the Hangar 9® Sbach 342 60 ARF utilizes the noted creativity of world-class designer and pilot Mike McConville to engineer a scale aerobatic model of the modern full-size aircraft that's quickly becoming popular for IAC competition. Like its full-scale cousin, everything about this 60-size Sbach 342 is about delivering inspirational performance. It’s made from very lightweight balsa and plywood and covered in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering. An easy-to-remove top fuselage hatch provides generous access while the canopy adds an extra touch of scale class. All wood parts for the Sbach 342 60 are carefully selected to provide lightweight, sturdy construction which is then precision jig assembled. The fiberglass cowling, wheel pants, and durable aluminum landing gear come out of the box pre-painted and ready to mount to the airframe. Two-piece, plug-in wings simplify assembly and transportation requirements while an aluminum wing tube gives critical support to an airframe that’s strong enough to handle any flight maneuver you can think of.

Its oversized control surfaces, when matched with the recommended digital servos, deliver precision maneuverability and 3D capability. Plus you can power the Sbach 342 60 any way you like with either electric, gas or glow power—all the recommended propulsion systems are a bolt-in exercise. If you’re getting into IMAC aerobatics, this Hangar 9 aerobat is for you. But if freestyle is your thing too, the Sbach 342 60 will not disappoint.

• Designed by world-class designer and pilot Mike McConville
• Compact airframe that delivers giant-scale feel and experience
• Lightweight laser-cut balsa and plywood construction
• Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
• Fuselage top hatch allows easy access to batteries and internally hidden switches
• Steerable tailwheel and durable aluminum landing gear
• Genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® film covering
• Ideal for entry-level IMAC competition
• Ready for multiple power options, including gas, glow and electric
• All hardware included

Inverza 33 ARF 75"

$399.99/ EA

Inverza 33 ARF 75"

$399.99ITEM: HAN4925


From a project that began as a "what if" with acclaimed full-scale builder Kevin Kimball and Quique Somenzini, the Inverza is a contemporary concept designed to harness the power of the radial engine with the potential only possible in a monoplane platform. For the finishing touches, Mirco Pecorari shared his expertise by complementing the modern concept with a stunning color scheme.

• Unique Somenzini design
• Generous wing area for an extra-light wing loading
• Oversized control surfaces for superior slow speed maneuverability
• Engineered to fly upright, inverted and knife-edge without mixing
• Vivid Mirco Pecorari color scheme with genuine UltraCote® covering
• An evolutionary original design purpose built for modern precision and 3D aerobatics
• Durable aluminum landing gear with painted finish
• Two-piece, plug-in wings with carbon fiber tube joiner
• Lightweight balsa/balsa-plywood construction
• Pre-hinged control surfaces
• Pre-set and drilled for the Evolution® 33GX gas engine
• Tinted canopy and cockpit instrument detail (pilot optional)
• Electric power system conversion kit—sold separately

Although the full scale Jim Kimball Enterprises Inverza™ airplane is yet to be built, you can enjoy the most balanced aircraft ever to be introduced for the aerobatics community. The Hangar 9® Inverza 33 aerobat has been developed to take advantage of both the emerging 30cc gas engine and 180-class outrunner electric power system popularity. Designed by the master, Quique Somenzini, whose pursuit of precision elevated him through the Extra and Yak aircraft series, the new Inverza concept promises to become his next great contribution. With its modern outline and features, the Inverza offers "no compromise" precise aerobatic capability for both scale aerobatics and aggressive 3D. Its massive control surfaces and generous wing area makes it very stable and predictable during the most demanding 3D maneuvers such as those that occur at slow speed, or while in a hover. The design also takes advantage of all the previous designs Quique worked with before making the Inverza not only a new benchmark in precision, but also an evolutionary step toward achieving an aircraft with balanced maneuverability. When setup correctly, no matter what attitude the Inverza is flown, very little to no control coupling is evident whether the maneuver is upright, inverted or knife-edge. The result is a flight experience that's pure even when you're control input is aggressive.

Covered in genuine UltraCote®, its balsa/balsa-plywood structure is strong and light, while Mirco Pecorari's original color scheme offers stunning looks, incredible ground presence and high visibility in the air. Its two-piece wing connects with a carbon fiber wing tube and the ailerons and elevators are pre-hinged with a tight seal so you can get flying faster. The oversized hatch features a tinted canopy, scale instrument detail and an ideal location for the pilot figure of your choice. Other great features include a factory painted aluminum landing gear, plus a factory painted fiberglass cowl and matching wheel pants.

Power it with the Evolution® Engines 33GX 30cc gas engine, the Inverza 33 is ideal for entry-level aerobatic pilots and giant-scale fans looking to modernize with a sensibly sized airframe bursting with performance. For those who prefer electric, the E-flite® Power 180 outrunner on a 10S Li-Po battery system can deliver unbridled performance.

Hangar 9 Meridian 10cc ARF (1750mm)

$219.99ITEM: HAN5015


The Hangar 9® Meridian 10cc ARF aircraft embodies the pure joy of what RC sport flying is about. From its long fuselage and stylishly shaped tail surfaces to the super stability of its generously proportioned constant-chord wing, every feature ties together. A perfect next-level sport airplane designed to have familiar forgiving manners, it appeals to the veteran and novice RC pilot. Its exceptional construction is lightweight without sacrificing strength or rigidity and is oversized just enough to deliver better visibility and great handling. In addition, its functional flaps add a level of capability that complements the ease and grace in which this low-wing model performs sport aerobatics and smooth landings.

The Meridian model shines when powered with the Evolution® 10cc gas engine. Besides the thrilling experience this engine offers, you’ll enjoy the ease of use and reliability that outclasses the hassles and expense of using glow fuel. Because the Evolution 10cc gas engine is so economical, you’ll carry less fuel in the airplane, which means less weight for the same amount of flight time.  

• Designed to fit the Evolution® 10cc gas engine
• Flaps for expanded flight envelope
• Tricycle landing gear
• Covered in genuine UltraCote® covering
• Landing gear attached to fuselage
• Large top fuselage hatch for easy access to radio gear and EP battery
• Pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
• EP-ready
• Two-piece plug-in wings
• Preinstalled pilot figure and instrument panel

Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc ARF Airplane Kit (Electric/Nitro/Gasoline) (2280mm)

$359.99ITEM: HAN5065


The Hangar 9® Carbon Cub 15cc ARF brings the heritage and versatility of the full scale airplane to life with a modern all-wood model that combines classic looks with a higher performance spirit. Featuring a 90-inch wingspan, this large model delivers the experience of giant scale, yet is practical enough to fly every day. The two-piece wing allows for convenient transportation and the quick-connect struts make assembly simple. Scale detail like cockpit doors, interior features, landing lights and a scale spinner mean that this Carbon Cub model will easily turn heads at the field. A light wing loading plus functional flaps help you perform impressive short takeoff and landings. Like the full-size, shock-absorbing landing gear take most of the bounce out of grass strips. With the optional 1/5-scale float set (sold separately) you can enjoy the same adventure-driven performance at the local lake.

• Laser-cut, all-wood construction that’s lightweight
• Shock-absorbing main landing gear and tundra-style wheels
• Two-piece, plug-in wing with functional flaps
• Quick-connect, streamlined wing struts
• Functional LED landing lights, installed
• Operational cockpit side-doors
• Instrument details and seats included
• Float ready, with hard points for optional 1/5-scale float set
• Matching paint on fiberglass cowl and accessories
• Pre-cut hinge locations for all control surfaces
• Genuine UltraCote® film finish
• Tail wire detail and a leaf tail wheel
• Easy installation of engine or electric power recommendations
• Complete hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns

Versatility that Makes Giant Scale Fun
The Cub is a classic aircraft that’s adored by both full-scale and model aviation pilots. Its flying qualities and design versatility have come to be known well enough that practically every new aircraft is compared to it. That’s a lot to be said for an airplane that first flew in 1938. Cub Crafters of Yakima, Washington started their booming business by restoring original Cub airframes. Very quickly, the collection of engineered refinements spawned a brand new line of aircraft like the Carbon Cub that honors the original icon yet delivers performance that’s every pilot’s dream.

The Hangar 9® Carbon Cub 15cc ARF brings the heritage and versatility of the full-scale airplane to life with a modern all-wood model that combines classic looks with a higher performance spirit. Featuring a 90-inch wingspan, this large model delivers the experience of giant scale, yet is practical enough to fly every day. The two-piece wing allows for convenient transportation and the quick-connect struts make assembly simple. Scale detail like cockpit doors, interior features, landing lights and a scale spinner mean that this Carbon Cub model will easily turn heads at the field. A light wing loading plus functional flaps help you perform impressive short takeoff and landings. Like the full-size, shock-absorbing landing gear take most of the bounce out of grass strips. With the optional 1/5-scale float set (sold separately), you can enjoy the same adventure-driven performance at the local lake.

Get fuel efficiency and gas engine ease-of-operation when you choose the Evolution® 15GX engine for this Carbon Cub. Its pumped carburetor design allows fuel to flow consistently regardless of fuel tank location or aircraft attitude while flying. Evolution Small Block gas engines offer lightweight construction and standard beam-mount installation like a glow engine. But what sets this engine truly apart from the glow-fueled counterparts is the phenomenal fuel efficiency. On average, it takes only 30% of the gas/petrol to provide the same run time as a comparably sized glow engine. That’s an amazing efficiency level that results in a cost per flight savings of approximately 90%.

When you go to choose a transmitter, receiver and servos required for a quality airplane like this Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc model, consider all the advantages genuine Spektrum™ technology gives you. Not only will you possess a proven radio system at a great price, you’ll get the safety benefits that only ModelMatch™ and SmartSafe™ features can give.

Shock Absorbing Landing Gear
This working recreation of the bungee landing gear used on the full-scale Carbon Cub will soak up bumps during ground operations just like the real thing.

All-Wood Construction
Lightweight, laser-cut construction is utilized to bring the Carbon Cub 15cc to life as a durable scale model that’s built to last with a level of rigidity that makes even a friendly flying airplane such as this crisp control response.

Genuine UltraCote® Covering
The all-wood structure of the Carbon Cub 15cc is covered with genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® film that provides a durable and easy-to-maintain finish that closely replicates its full-scale cousin.

Gas or Electric
No matter what type of power you favor—gas/petrol, glow or electric, hardware and mounting options are included to suit a variety of power systems so you can be in the air in less time.

Quick-Connect Wing Struts
The streamlined wing struts feature quick-connect strut pins so that only basic tools are needed at the field.

Functional Flaps
The functional flaps allow you to enjoy the same short-field takeoff and landing performance that full-scale Carbon Cub pilots do.

Landing Lights
The wings feature factory installed wiring and LED lights so that making a working landing light system is easy.

Cockpit Doors
The magnetically secured cockpit door can be left open during flight, just like on the full-scale version. It also lets you keep switches out of sight by mounting them inside the cockpit.

Float Ready
Hard points for mounting the Hangar 9 1/5-scale float kit (HAN6030—sold separately) are already built into the fuselage.