FMS Planes

BAE Hawk Red Arrow 80mm EDF PNP0

$349.99ITEM: FMM101P

This radio control airplane is perfect for beginner/first-time pilots looking for the perfect trainer to learn to fly with, as well as experienced pilots looking for a fun to fly airplane that can also be used to help teach others to fly.

The HobbyZone® AeroScout™ S is the perfect trainer because it makes learning to fly an RC airplane easier and more fun than ever before! It’s equipped with exclusive SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology that helps to prevent overcontrol, loss of orientation and crashes so nearly everyone can learn to fly successfully. Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced modes allow you to choose the level of stability and control you need, or are ready to try, at the flip of a switch. Plus you can instantly return to steady flight using Panic Recovery with the push of a button in any flight mode. Its unique “pusher” power configuration offers improved safety along with better propeller and motor protection, and its built with advanced EPO material that makes it extremely durable. Oversized tires and a steerable nose wheel make it easy to take off from and land on a variety of surfaces including grass at large parks, soccer and other suitable flying fields. The Ready-To-Fly (RTF) version includes a Spektrum DXe controller/transmitter equipped with industry-leading DSMX® 2.4GHz control technology, plus a Spektrum Smart LiPo battery and charger that make it easier and safer to charge. That means there’s nothing extra you need to buy or provide before you can fly!

FMS BAE Hawk Red Arrow PNP 80mm EDF

$349.99ITEM: FMM101P

This is an FMS BAE Hawk Red Arrow PNP Jet with an 80mm EDF. The British Red Arrows, known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, is the official display team of the RAF and based at RAF Scampton. The team was formed in late 1964 as an all-RAF team and initially equipped with Foland Gnat trainers inherited from the RAF Yellowjacks display team. The switch to the BAE Systems Hawk T1 weapons trainer came in 1980 and has since performed with distinction at locations around the globe. Honoring the 50th display season celebration, FMS has created a brilliant replica for the popular 80mm EDF class. Beautifully finished in vibrant red and striking white trim, the outline of the BAE Systems marvel is unmistakable with detail that features a well-appointed cockpit, an array of intake scoops, antenna, bright LED lighting, scale sub-fins and a removable ferry tank. The remarkable undercarriage includes reliable electric movement with durable metal CNC-construction, shock-absorbing actuation with scissor linkages—all neatly concealed with automatic gear door enclosures. The 80mm BAE Hawk flight controls are full-featured including functional flaps that help you make takeoffs shorter and landings as slow as possible. All seven control surfaces plus the nose wheel are individually linked with a dedicated metal-gear micro servo. You’ll also appreciate the precision and adjustability of ball-link equipped linkages for initial setup and perhaps later on if flight trimming is necessary.
The FMS 80mm BAE Hawk features a rigid one-piece wing that easily bolts to the fuselage, as do the horizontal stabilizers—no glue is required which makes basic assembly super-fast. Of course the lightweight construction with EPO means you can count on a high-level of durability, intricate surface detail and a light wing loading that translates naturally into incredible flight performance. The water-based paint used to finish this model minimizes blistering from sun and provides a vibrant appearance. The power system utilizes a powerful 80mm 12-blade EDF system driven by a 3270-size, 1930Kv brushless motor and 100A ESC combination for tremendous acceleration and speed when coupled with your high-C, 6S LiPo battery. If you want to make every outing to the field an airshow to remember, then the FMS 80mm BAE Hawk is a must-have.

FMS 1300mm Sbach 342 PNP

$199.99ITEM: FMS062P


The Sbach 342 airplane is one of the most exciting aerobatic designs to come out of Germany since the fist Extra. The brainchild of aerodynamic visionary by xtremeAir of Hecklingen, it’s the first two-seat monoplanes capable of truly holding its owning Unlimited-class competition. FMS has captured the essence of the 342’s incredible performance that flies extreme aerobatics with the same sense of power and precision you would expect of a real plane.

FMS Edge 540 1300mm PNP (Red)

$209.99ITEM: FMS066P


The build of this plane is very straight forward. All surfaces and screws aligned with their threaded surfaces. Plastic joints were perfect and the carbon wing spar fits perfectly into its sleeve. The wing mounts overlap and the rudder uses 3 nylon hinges which makes for an extra strong design. All 17g metal gear digital servos are the highest quality servos we have seen on any PNP plane to date. Mounted in pockets which have a screw on cover allows for easy servo horn changes and or adjustments. There is easy access to the ESC and the design of the 540 allows for more than adequate cooling. All the servo connectors are clearly labelled making installation of your radio system a snap.

Quality along with its fit and finish makes for one great flying machine!

• Durable EPO foam
• New designed spinner & 3 blades props
• Scale pilot figures
• Powerful 60A ESC with 3A BEC and 3948-760Kv Motor
• 4 X 17g digital metal gear servos
• Large control surfaces for advanced 3D and aerobatic flight
• Carbon wing and elevator reinforcement
• Rugged hinges
• Pinned rudder hinges

FMS 1400mm F3A Olympus PNP

$254.99ITEM: FMS067P


A year in the making! Introducing the new FMS F3A OLYMPUS, the latest creation in the FMS Aerobatic line of models. With its elegant and graceful lines, superb flying qualities, the F3A is a must for the aerobatic pilot to add to his hangar. Working with RC Hobbyist’s worldwide, FMS has developed this aircraft to meet all the precision flying requirements needed to compete in F3a aerobatic competition.

Key Features
• Easy to complete, bolt-on final assembly
• Exceptionally strong 55 times EPO foam
• High-output, 4250 KV550 PAEP Brand High performance motor installed
• Digital high-speed, 17g digital metal gear servos installed
• Fully-hinged control surfaces with control links installed
•  Modern cockpit details and pilot bust installed
• Efficient interior ducting provides generous component cooling
• Small up wing to make the performance better
• Large scale, stable flight platform handles windy condition.
• Large, scale control surfaces for aerobatic flight
• Spacious battery compartment gives pilots the option of flying light weight 5S batteries for full 3D or larger 6S batteries for more sport and longer run times
• Strong landing gear to hand hard
• Pinned rudder hinges