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G3 Expansion Pack 1

$10.00/ EA

G3 Expansion Pack 1

$10.00ITEM: GPMZ4111


Realflight G3 Expansion

$10.00ITEM: GPMZ4112


Realflight G3 G3.5 G4 Expansion

$10.00ITEM: GPMZ4113

Realflight G3 G3.5 G4 Expansion

Real Flight Expansion Pac 4

$29.99ITEM: GPMZ4114


Realflight G4 Expansion Pack 5

$29.99ITEM: GPMZ4115


Expansion Pack 6

$29.99/ EA

Expansion Pack 6

$29.99ITEM: GPMZ4116


Realflight G5 Expansion Pack 7

$29.99ITEM: GPMZ4117


G5 Expansion Pack 8

$14.99/ EA

G5 Expansion Pack 8

$14.99ITEM: GPMZ4118


RealFlight 6 - Air Mega Pack

$9.99ITEM: GPMZ4160

RealFlight 6 - Air Mega Pack

RealFlight 6 - Heli Mega Pack

$6.99ITEM: GPMZ4162

This is the Great Planes RealFlight 6 Heli Mega Pack.

Features: Take the sticks of the Synergy N5C, fly Curtis Youngblood's Rave ENV90, ENV 700 and 450 as well as glow and electric versions of the Thunder Tiger Raptor G4. Many helis that have never been in any version of RealFlight before, and much more.

Includes OVER 45 Heloicopters!

• Agusta A109
• Align T-Rex 500
• Avant Aurora
• Avant Aurora 3D
• Bergen Intrepid 90
• Bergen Intrepid Gasser EB
• Boeing AH-64 Apache
• Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight Micro
• Curtis Youngblood Rave ENV 90
• Curtis Youngblood Rave ENV 700
• Curtis Youngblood Rave 450
• Dolphin (.46)
• Dolphin 3D (.46)
• Finch (.049)
• Foiler .60
• Gaui X5-FES
• Helimax Axe CX Micro
• Helimax Kinetic 50
• Helimax Kinetic 50 (Trainer)
• Helimax MX400
• Helimax MX450 XS
• Helimax Novus CP Nano
• Helimax Novus 125 CP
• Helimax Novus 125 FP
• Hind Mi-24, Impala (.30)
• Impala (.30 Trainer)
• KDE Direct 700
• Miniature Aircraft Fury Extreme
• Miniature Aircraft Ion-X
• Miniature Aircraft Stratus 90
• RAH-66 Comanche
• RJX Hobby X-treme 90
• Robinson R22
• Skyartec Wasp 200XE V4
• Spritzer (4-stroke)
• Sun Dog (Sport .60)
• Synergy N5
• Synergy N5C
• Synergy N9
• Thunder Tiger Mini Titan
• Thunder Tiger Raptor G4 E720
• Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 G4
• Thunder Tiger Raptor 90SE
• Thunder Tiger X50 (Belt-Drive)
• Thunder Tiger X50T (Torque-tube)
• Watt Not EP
• Great Planes RealFlight 6 Heli Mega Pack Disc

RealFlight G4.5 w/Interlink Mode 2 Controller

$199.99ITEM: GPMZ4430

This is the RealFlight G4.5 Flight Simulator with Interlink Mode 2 Controller. RealFlight has again sharpened its already near-perfect reproduction of R/C flight. With improved sights, sounds and physics, the new G4.5 carves away like never before at the very thin line between "real”...and RealFlight.

The Great Planes RealFlight Simulator G4.5 is the latest version of the incredibly popular Great Planes RealFlight Simulator. New features in the RealFlight G4.5 version include the ability to take off and land on water - a very satisfying addition to the water-based scenery available in RealFlight G3.5 version.

RealFlight G4.5 is designed to help RC fliers, whether beginners or world champions, to hone their flying skills to a new level without risking damage to their prized models. RealFlight G4.5 offers excellent value, both to the beginner RC flier, and to the experienced pilot looking to hone aerobatics skills and master new manoeuvres. Used and recommended by leading instructors and champion pilots, the Great Planes Flight Simulator is a must-buy for anyone interested in flying radio controlled models.

Depth of Field Effect
RealFlight's new Depth of Field effect lets anything outside the immediate vicinity of your aircraft lose sharpness — helping you stay focused on your model. Four levels of the effect are available, as well as "Off".        

Real Rendering™
Without placing high demands on your computer's processor, Real Rendering brings out significantly more fine detail in aircraft and other objects. Like Depth of Field, it can be turned on or off — whichever you prefer.

More Sound Effects
Even with your eyes closed, you can enjoy the unprecedented realism of G4.5. Land on an uneven surface and you'll hear the wheels and landing gear bump. Servo motors whirr...water splashes...a wing scraping concretes sounds perfectly true-to-life.

More Flying Site Detail
Simulated shadows have never looked more natural as they move across objects, buildings and foliage. Reflecting surfaces capture surrounding images and colors with breathtaking accuracy.

Enhanced Physics
You'll notice G4.5's improved physics particularly in how models operate on the ground. Handling responds realistically to the hardness of surfaces (with more resistance in grass than on asphalt, for example).  

Expanded Training Tools
G 4.5's Virtual Flight Instruction now includes a helicopter autorotation trainer — and to start a training session, you just follow simple prompts in the "Welcome” and "Get Ready” windows. Three pre-set levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) let you choose how sensitive you'd like the physics to be. You can also create an unlimited number of Custom levels.

Improved QuickSelect™
Selecting aircraft and flying sites is faster than ever! You can narrow your aircraft options, for example, by applying filters — All, Stock, Custom, Most Recently Used, Most Often Used — to QuickSelect's easy-to-use menu.          

More Multiplayer Options
There's more "new” to G4.5's Multiplayer feature than just faster, easier connections. Now you can block out other users if desired. Or add your own computer microphone and chat "live” with other pilots, just like at the flying field!

More Aircraft
Select from over 70 stock aircraft, including many making their first appearance in RealFlight — such as the Schneider Cup Racer, AR-6 Endeavor, Harrier, Heli-Max™ Axe™ 400 and Miniature Aircraft® X-Cell® Furion™ 450.

More Flying Sites
Explore more than 25 richly detailed flying sites. G4.5 introduces two brand new PhotoField™ sites: Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark and Gold Country Aeromodeler Park

Minimum Recommended System:
Some graphical features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high quality.
Windows* XP or Windows* Vista®
Intel® Pentium® 1.0GHz or equivalent
512 MB RAM4 GB Hard Drive Space
DVD Drive
3D Accelerated Video with:
32 MB Dedicated Video Memory
Full Windows DirectX® 9 compliant (Pixel Shader 1.4 support)

Optimal System:
For best graphical performance.
Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
3D Accelerated Video with:
512 MB dedicated video memory
(Pixel Shader 3.0 support)

Multiplayer Requirements:
Broadband internet connection
Computer microphone for voice chat

InterLink™ Elite Controller:
USB Port
Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter (if using the interface mode)

Realflight G5 Upgrade

$79.99ITEM: GPMZ4448


Realflight G5.5 Md 2

$189.99/ EA

Realflight G5.5 Md 2

$189.99ITEM: GPMZ4450


G5.5 Upgrade

$79.99/ EA

G5.5 Upgrade

$79.99ITEM: GPMZ4458


RealFlight 6 Upgrade for G4 and

$49.99ITEM: GPMZ4468

RealFlight 6 Upgrade for G4 and

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