AMT 1/8 Dirty Donny Pinball Punk Resin Monster

$27.99ITEM: AMTS0997

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in white and clear
Fun resin monster mode
Low parts count, easy to assemble
Custom coin, super skull pumpkin & pizza slice
Matching size resin pinball machine included
Packaging by Dirty Donny
Waterslide decals
Illustrated instructions

1/24 Racing Figure Set (10 Figures)

$29.99ITEM: HSGS0295

You're in the lead. The finish line is near. Fuel is low. Tires are worn. Do you push your car to the limit, or pay a visit to the pit crew? Time's wasting. The fans are on their feet, waiting for your decision. Do you risk it all for that one shot at glory? The choice is up to you. This limited edition figure set features parts for two driver figures and eight mechanic figures in two distinctive styles.

Moebius 1/8 Armored Batman BvS Resin

$139.99ITEM: MOE1013

This is the 1/8 Scale Armored Batman from Batman V Superman: Dawn
of Justice Resin Kit by Moebius.  Suitable for Ages 15 & Older.  Sturdy, precision-tooled resin and polyurethane castings.
Based on actual digital effects files from the film, Detailed battle-scene bases.  All 3 kits in this line can be grouped together as a "DAWN OF JUSTICE" team heading into battle or BATMAN and SUPERMAN can be
positioned for a classic confrontation scene  Each kit sold separately, Illustrated instruction.

Moebius 1/8 '66 Joker

$29.99ITEM: MOE956

This is the 1/8 scale '66 Joker by Moebius Models.  Part # 956.

Moebius 1/8 1966 Riddler

$26.99ITEM: MOES0954

Highly detailed plastic molded in green
Accurate likeness of Frank Gorshin as Riddler
Authentic costume details
Optional cane accessory
Question mark decals
Optional mask included
Batcave rock display base
Illustrated instructions

1/72 Seven Years War Austrian and Prussian Infantry

$22.95ITEM: RVLS2452

Europe was no stranger to upheaval-but the Seven Years War turned the established order on its head and drastically shifted the course of history. On the continent, massed infantry attacks in close order were still the tactic of the day. Soldiers levied from the citizenry of Prussia and Austria were drilled rigorously, then marched off to face the muskets. Holding the line against enemy volleys took incredible courage and sacrifice, but breaking formation exposed troops to cavalry. Kit features armed soldiers in various poses, an ensign trooper, officers on horseback, and a drummer.

Revell 1/16 Queen's Guard

$22.95ITEM: RVLS2800

Contrary to the apparent beliefs of many tourists, the Queen's Guard are real soldiers with real duties, real automatic weapons, and real bearskin caps. Their duties and the manner and which those duties are executed were established over a hundred years before the United States gained independence. For them, guarding the Queen is a duty handed down through centuries and steeped in significance. For the rest of us tourists, it's a darn good photo opp. Kit features finely detailed face, uniforms, and insignia; rifle, bearskin cap, display stand with surface features, and authentic decals.

1/16 Swiss Guard

$22.95/ EA

1/16 Swiss Guard

$22.95ITEM: RVLS2801

For over five hundred years, the Swiss Guard has defended the Vatican and the Pope. Their service has outlived wars, reformations, intrigues, assassinations, and even the virtual extermination of the entire guard. Today, the unit is composed of Swiss citizens who have completed basic training with the Swiss Army and have fulfilled the strict requirements of the Papal Guard. The halberds and uniforms are for show. The fully stocked modern armory and unarmed combat training of the individual guards is very functional.

Revell 1/16 Carabiniere

$22.95ITEM: RVLS2802

The never-ending task of watching over the crowded streets of Rome, protecting the president, and ensuring peace throughout Italy falls largely on the epaulette-bedecked shoulders of the men and women of the Carabinieri. Countless times, the Carabinieri have demonstrated their valor and their value. Kit features finely detailed facial features, detailed uniforms and insignia, sabre, choice of two hats, display stand with various surfaces, and full decals.

1/16 Republican Guard

$22.95ITEM: RVLS2803

Sixteen countries have or historically have had a "Republican Guard", but France fields the first and finest Republican Guard of them all. This nearly 3,000 member team provides ceremonial displays as well as more mundane tasks like counter-sniper teams, SWAT teams, an entire regiment of cavalry, plus bands, and a motorcycle display team. If you crossed the Cirque Du Soleil with the US Navy SEALs, you'd get the French Republican Guard.

Tamiya 1/35 German Soldiers At Rest Kit

$8.99ITEM: TAM35129

Tamiya 1/35 German Soldiers At Rest Kit

Tamiya 1/35 Wehrmacht Tank Crew Set

$16.49ITEM: TAMS5354

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in gray
8 figures (4 full body figures and 4 torso figures)
Realistic poses and uniform
Accessories and tank insignia decals included
Waterslide decals
Illustrated instructions