Dromida Planes

Dromida Twin Explorer RTF Twin Motor Glider

$39.99ITEM: DIDA0010

The perfect plane for first-timers, dual motor power propels the Twin Explorer to instant aerial adventure. A quick battery charge and easy hand launch are all you need to take off and enjoy. Crash-tough foam construction provides ideal protection against new pilots and less-than-perfect landings. A fully loaded accessory package ensures that the Twin Explorer arrives ready-to-fly, with nothing left for you to buy!

Engineered for instant success.
Virtually indestructible.
Dynamic dual-motor performance.
Launches easily by hand.                                        
Assembled Twin Explorer glider
Powerful twin motors
2.4GHz radio system with USB charge port
Removable 1S LiPo battery
USB LiPo charger
"AA" batteries

Dromida Voyager EP RTF

$69.99ITEM: DIDA0200

When you choose the right plane for your first plane, R/C flying is much more enjoyable and the Voyager is the right plane. It exhibits slow, docile flight characteristics and comes preassembled with everything included, so it's ideal for beginners. The 4-channel radio delivers positive rudder, elevator and throttle control. Details such as wheel pants and panel lines add more scale realism than typical trainers. And with the Voyager you can learn to fly outdoors in calm conditions, and then take advantage of its compact size to fly inside a large indoor gymnasium as well.

Easy to fly with little or no experience.
100% Ready to Fly, with everything included.
Rudder, elevator and throttle control.
Scale details such as wing rib detail, wheel pants and panel lines.

4-channel radio system with:
- 2.4GHz technology for dependable, interference-free control and worry-free flying with your friends
- Built-in charger for convenient charging of LiPo batteries
- Digital trims for fine-tuning performance

Fully assembled aircraft
4-channel SLT compatible radio w/built-in LiPo charger
Rechargeable 3.7V 1S LiPo battery
(4) "AA" batteries

Dromida Sky Cruiser 2 EP Glider RTF

$99.99ITEM: DIDA1050


The Sky Cruiser 2 is made to get pilots in the air fearlessly and quickly. It's the first plane that delivers the joy of flight coupled with the all-in-one ease and reliability of Dromida. A pusher prop makes both launching and recovery safe and easy and the tough foam construction can pull through all but the worst crashes. For beginner pilots, the tough foam construction is a lifesaver. Intermediate to expert pilots will appreciate the rock-solid Futaba® S-FHSS control protocol that keeps your transmitter locked to the aircraft. For pilots of all skill levels, the Sky Cruiser 2 is perfect for worry-free flying any day of the week.

Virtually unbreakable EPO foam
Easy to fly with little to no experience
Pusher style prop for safe landings
Reliable Futaba S-FHSS control protocol
100% Ready to Fly

Mostly assembled airframe
2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter with Futaba S-FHSS protocol
2S 7.4V 300mAh LiPo
LiPo balancing charger
"AA" batteries