Building Supplies

Deluxe Tissue Paste 50ml

$8.99ITEM: DLMAD60

Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste is a clear drying paste for bonding tissue paper to a frame. While used on traditional model airplanes, the adhesive also has great applications for model railroading. The formulation allows delicate tissue paper to be placed onto airframes and smoothed without tearing. Because it dries clear it's also great for adhering tissue window treatments to model structures and inside passenger cars to simulate window shades.

Deluxe Model Lite Balsa Filler, Balsa Brown: 240cc

$11.49ITEM: DLMBD6

Strong, lightweight filler which sands easily. Use only where a strong joint is not required. Use for grain filling by applying with plastic sponge. Bonds: wood, foam, fibreglass. White or balsa tint for use in aeromodelling under clear covering film. 240ml.