Awards & Ribbons

Derby Race Official Ribbons

$4.49ITEM: BS17375

Our Pinewood Derby® official ribbon can be used for those who are working as an “official” on race day. Those who have the ribbon on will be recognized as a race day organizer and help guile the racers and their families and friends.

Cub Scout™ Pinewood Derby® Participant Ribbons—10-Pack

$6.99ITEM: BS616836

An exciting new way to recognize participation in a Pinewood Derby® event!

Award ribbon is sublimation printed with the Cub Scout™ Pinewood Derby® logo and "PARTICIPANT" lettering on a vibrant, multicolor background. Each piece is pointed, strung with a tassel, and includes an event card on the back.

Each ribbon measures 2" x 8". Sold in packages of 10.