Airbrushing & Supplies

Badger Air-brush Co. Detail Needle: Pro Production Series

$7.80ITEM: BAD51047

Badger Air-brush Co. Detail Needle: Pro Production Series

Badger Propel Can Propellant 13 oz

$19.49ITEM: BADR1160

This is a 13oz Propellant Can for Spray Painting from Badger.  For adult use only.  This Badger Propel features:  Propellant can attaches to vinyle air hose and air brush spray gun for premium spray paint quality.  13oz of liquid propellant for quality spray painting.  It's easy to attach a hose and air brush gun (both are not included).  Specific assembly and operation directions on propellant can.  Propellant vapors are not harmful to the ozone or evironment.

Plastic Jar w/350 Adapter 3 oz

$8.49ITEM: BADR1256

Plastic Jar w/350 Adapter 3 oz by Badger Airbrush Company

Paasche Adapter (Iwata Air Brush To Paasche Hose)

$5.99ITEM: PASA188

Adapter---Converts Iwata Airbrushes to use Paasche Air Hose

Paasche Adapter (Paasche Air Brush To Badger Hose)

$5.99ITEM: PASM66

Adapter - Converts Paasche Airbrushes to use Thayer and Chandler and Badger air hoses.

Paasche TG-3F Talon Hobby Package w/Compressor

$214.99ITEM: PASR2600

This is the Paasche TG-100D TG-3F Hobby Package with Double Action Air Compressor.

Three included heads allow patterns from a hairline using the fine aircap needle and tip, up to 3" with the new TAF-3 fan aircap
Fan aircap for broad coverage
Sprays water or solvent based materials
Oilless single piston compressor
1/4 HP compressor with regulator & moisture trap
Auto stop and start feature

Paasche Regulator & Filter w/Gauge

$22.99ITEM: PASR75AR

Regulator & Moisture Trap for D500, D200, DA300 & DA400 compressors. The R-75 is a low pressure regulator with a 100 psi gauge and moisture drain. This regulator gives control of operating pressure as well as assisting in furnishing clean, dry and regulated air.