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AFX Race Barrier

$19.99/ EA

AFX Race Barrier

$19.99ITEM: AFX1071

Less Chasing Means More Racing

Thereís no arguing, modern HO slot cars are fast.

In a crash, theyíll fly up to 15 feet from the track. Every crash doesnít just interrupt the race, it risks serious damage to your car.

Introducing the AFX Exclusive Race Barrier, made with our new Slip Rail low friction polymer, itís: Tall enough to keep errant cars in armís reach. Tough enough to withstand years of crashing at top speed. Soft enough to prevent serious damage to your AFX missile.

The AFX Race Barrier is especially helpful for HO cars with low downforce traction magnets or no magnets at all.  With the low-friction Slip Rail material, cars slide easily when they come in contact, keeping their speed on outside rails.

The AFX Race Barrier has photo realistic graphics and high-grip, multi-use adhesive for an easy-to-use, attractive addition to your race track.