E-Flite Green LED Flashing Universal Light Kit

$3.99ITEM: EFLA610

This is the set of two E-Flite Green LED Flashing Universal Light Kit.

Great Planes 1/5 Civilian Pilot Blue

$9.99ITEM: GPMQ9063

• Pilot bust with molded-in blue shirt, harness buckles and headphones
• Flat bottom base for easy installation with glue or screws
• Fits nearly any 1/5 scale airplane cockpit

Great Planes 1/5 Scale Civilian Pilot in Blue

Installing in cockpit with glue or screws

Thickness at Base: 2.04" (52mm)
Width at Base: 4.4" (111mm)
Height: 4.3" (110mm)
Weight: 2.6oz (75g)

Mini Digital Tachometer with Blu

$19.99ITEM: HCAP0400

•Works on 2-9 blade propellers
•Measures up to 99,999 rpm
•Display static and dynamic rpm on a backlit LCD screen
•Includes CR2032 Lithium-Ion battery

JConcepts Hybrid 1/8 Polycarbonate Pre-Trimmed Wing

$13.99ITEM: JCOC0147


Replaces damaged wings
Polycarbonate plastic construction


Wing for the #0146B Hybrid Pre-trimmed Wing Kit


Polycarbonate safe spray or brush-on paint


Width: 7.9" (202mm)

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Trifecta Lite 1/8 Lexan Clear Wing

$17.56ITEM: PRO629117


Fits 1/8 scale buggies and truggies
Molded from clear Lexan plastic
Three strengthening ribs and three dimples hang down on each side
under wing for added downforce and reduced high speed drag
Center fin piece adds more side stability and s


$43.99ITEM: SUL848

Tail Anchor, Plane Holder with Drop Arms

Sullivan Marcy’s Marvelous Wheel Chocks

$21.99ITEM: SULQ3842

Marcy Jones invented these wheel chocks in 2003 and has been testing and perfecting them ever since. Depending on wheel size and gear angle, the chocks can fit either inside or outside of the tires and will accommodate most axle sizes. Sold in Pairs (2). Aside from looking super cool, these wheel chocks have lots of other great benefits too: Maximize security and safety during plane transport.  Conserve space in trailers, trucks, vans or storage areas.  Eliminates the risk of getting flat spots on tires.  Prevents rolling during hardware or radio installations.  Use in any type of airplane, tail dragger or tricycle.  For up to 5" Tires (slight modification may be needed for larger size tires and some styles of wheel pants).  Made of high strength anodized aluminum for a lifetime of use.  Mounting screws and instructions included.

44" Single Wing/Tail Bag, Red/Black

$51.99ITEM: WGT141

• Size: 44 L x 16 W in
• Made with the NEW Red and Black 600 Denier Nylon that is extremely durable and water resistant
• Shoulder straps are spaced wide and at an angle to make the bag balance perfectly on your shoulder
• The zippers go around three sides so the wing can be inserted easily