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1/72 IL-2 Stormovik

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1/72 IL-2 Stormovik

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During WWII, the worst nightmare of Soviet ground troops were Ju-87 "Stuka" series
dive bombers; for Germans, that was Il-2 Stormovik. TsKB-55/57, designed by Sergey
Ilyushin and his team of Central Design Bureau, was a strong, all-metal aircraft, and
propelled by AM-38 engine(1,680HP).

It was operated by a pilot and a rear gunner, and they're protected by 'armored bathtub'
along with fuel tank. But when it came to mass production stage and deployment as
Il-2 in 1941, lack of material forced it to become a single-seat aircraft, with wooden
parts used for wings and the rear parts of fuselage.

Being called as "Ilyusah", "Flying Tank" and "Stormovik: Storm Bird" by Russians,
the Il-2s served with Soviet air force brilliantly and gave their enemy a great fear and
massive damage, which was enough to earn the name of "The Black Death" by Germans,
in spite of massive damage of Il-2 themselves.

Il-2s were so important that Stalin stated it as "Necessary like air, like bread". Il-2s still
had problems to solve, so the developments continued; rear gunner revived, more powerful
engines were used, more armor and re-designed wings were made to be an enhanced
version, Il-2M. Outnumbering the Bf109s(around 35,000 samples produced), Stormoviks
were produced over 36,000 and it's still the best record of most-produced combat aircraft.

- Fully engraved panel lines
- Highly detailed cockpit & landing gear
- A canopy can be positioned open & closed

1/72 MIG-21 Fishbed

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1/72 MIG-21 Fishbed

$10.79ITEM: ACY12442

Russia's MiG 21 Fishbed fighter has become one of the most-produced jet fighters in history. Over 10,000 of the delta-winged fighters have been built by 1985, with production still continuing for foreign customers. In addition, India and China produce versions of the plane for their own use.

The short wingspan does limit the amount of under-wing hardpoints, and the Fishbed can carry only a relatively limited amount of weaponry at one time. However, as a fighter, this is not necessarily a disadvantage since it carries at least one 23mm gun and can mount up to four air-to-air missiles, plus a fuselage centerline fuel tank.

Ironically, some of the Russian-built MiG 21's are modified to carry the American AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles in countries, such as Egypt, where the planes operate alongside more modern F-16's, and in India.

- Highly detailed cockpit interior and landing gear bay.
- Fully engraved panel lines and rivet detail.
- Optional position canopy, air brakes and flaps.
- Full complement under-wing stores included.

1/72 F-104G Starfighter

$10.79ITEM: ACY12443

The Starfighter was originally designed for the US Air Force as a pure high speed fighter interceptor. It is a Cold War era US single engine jet fighter with a distinctive small main wing. First flight was on 4th march 1954 at Edwards AFB. By that time most European NATO Countries were looking for a new standard fighter/fighterbomber to form the backbone of their Air Forces.

Early designs of the model could not really satisfy the European requirements, which resulted in the modified F-104G version. The "G" was conceived as low-level capable, high-speed fighterbomber with in- and egress speeds of up to MACH 2.5.

In 1958 Germany chose the Starfighter to replace the already outdated F-84 and F-86 versions in use by then. For political reasons the Marineflieger had to join this decision, though their demands were quite different.

The German Navy was looking for a two-seat, twin-engineed aircraft to replace the old Seahawks, with the Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer being their favorite aircraft.

- Accurately reproduced scale aircraft

1/72 YF-16 A Falcon USAF

$10.79ITEM: ACY12444

This YF-16A was the second F-16 built and was used to evaluate the characteristics of the new type. One of the important factors of the evaluation of a combat machine is in the determining of a proper color scheme to help conceal the plane from the eyes of the enemy pilots.

The markings on this model of the YF-16A represent one of the interesting color patterns used to determine the effectiveness of the camouflage.

Eventually a scheme of all gray shades was adopted, but it is interesting to note that the latest French camouflage schemes for their new fighters is almost identical to this scheme.

- Accurately reproduced scale aircraft

1/72 MIG-23S USSR Flogger B

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The MiG-23 is a variable geometry, swept-wing fighter aircraft, originally built by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau in the Soviet Union. Produced in large numbers, it remains in limited service with various export customers.

- Accurately reproduced scale aircraft

1/72 Sopwith Camel RAF WWI

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The Camel was perhaps the best allied fighter of WW I. It was victory tally was 1,924 aircraft short down in only sixteen months of fighting.

The Camel was an Aces Mount which was extremely agile and had a fast rate of climb. In a controversial air battle in 1918 the great Baron Von Richthofen fell to the guns of a 209 Squadron RAF Camel flown by Canadian Roy Brown.

Total production was 5,490 aircraft between 1917 and 1918.

- Accurately reproduced scale aircraft
- Easy to assemble

1/72 TBF-1 USA Avenger

$14.49ITEM: ACY12452

The TBF-1 went into action during the battle of midway. The results of that first battle were not encouraging with five of the six aircraft belonging to VT-8 being shot out of the sky.

However the TBFs had upset the Japanese defense plans and American dive bombers were able to strike several of the enemy's carriers. After this intensive battle, the TBF was christened the Avenger, an appropriate name for the sturdy torpedo bomber that was to fight all the way to Japan.

The Avenger was on every front of the pacific war and was one of the prime tools for victory. However, after the war Avenger began to fade. A few Served with the marines in Korea while a very few stayed in service until the mid 1950s.

The Avenger found wide use in many foreign countries such as great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan. The last military Avengers were retired by the Japanese during 1962. During the last few years several individuals and museums have taken the Avenger into care and have restored several into splendid examples of the military version of the famous torpedo bomber.

- Fully engraved panel lines & rivet details
- Detailed cockpit & landing gear
- Authentic markings included

1/72 Bf-109G14

$15.79/ EA

1/72 Bf-109G14

$15.79ITEM: ACY12454

During WWII the Bf109 Messerschmitt was used as an escort for German bombers during the Battle of Britain. In this capacity it was shown that the Bf109 had too limited a range to be fully effective in that capacity so it was decided that it should be used as a defensive fighter.

As the war progressed the G version was developed to improve performance. This version became the most extensively built of the Bf109. To increase its capabilities a Daimler-Benz DB605A 1,475Hp 12 cylinder engine was used.

The main armament of the Bf109G was a pair of 13mm machine guns mounted under the cowling ahead of the cockpit canopy. It was also armed with a 20mm MG151 or 30mm MK108 cannon that was fired through the prop spinner.
With the improved engine and armament the Bf109G became one of the most respected fighter aircraft of WWII.

It is thought that some 35,000 Bf109s of all versions were produced. Many went into Czech Air Force service after the war, and was also used by the Israeli Air Force.

- Optional position of canopy & landing gear door.
- Highly detailed cockpit interior.
- Fully engraved panel lines & rivet detail.

1/72 Mikoyan Mig-27 USSR Flogger D

$13.49ITEM: ACY12455

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27 is a ground-attack aircraft, originally built by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau in the Soviet Union and later license-produced in India by Hindustan Aeronautics as the Bahadur ("Valiant"). It is based on the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 fighter aircraft, but optimized for the air-to-ground role.

- Accurately Reproduced Scale Aircraft Model
- Easy to Assemble

1/72 F4U-1 Corsair

$15.49/ EA

1/72 F4U-1 Corsair

$15.49ITEM: ACY12457

The revolutionary F4U Corsair was originally designed in 1938 in response to a US Navy request for a high speed carrier-based fighter.

The producers of this plane, attempted to place the largest available engine in the smallest possible airframe. This required the plane to be fitted with an awkward type of landing gear, resulting in the introduction of the inverted gullwing, the signature feature of this fighter.

US Navy carrier trials of the plane were disappointing. however. and the plane was relegated to a land-based role. It performed admirably from the ground and saw extensive use during the latter stages of World WarII and later during the Korean War in service with both the Navy and the Marines.

The Corsair, which easily outperformed every other American fighter of its time, was armed with six 12.7mm wing-mounted radial piston engine, was capable of 417mph.

- Fully engraved panel lines & rivet detail
- Highly detailed cockpit interior
- Optional position landing gear door

1/72 A-37B Dragonfly

$15.49ITEM: ACY12461

Designed to combat guerilla warfare, the A-37B Dragonfly was designed as what the military referred to as a counter insurgency(COIN) aircraft. Powered by twin J85-GE-17A engines with a total of 5,700 pounds of thrust, the Dragonfly seats two piolts side by side and protects them with a nylon flak curtain.

Noted for its light weight and ability to fly low-altitude missions, the A-37B can also take off and land on very short airstrips.

Fully engraved panel lines & rivet detail
Highly detailed cockpit interior & landing gear bay
Various under-wing weaponry included

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