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Dumas Mr. Mulligan 30"

$44.99ITEM: DUMA0303

This is a 30" Wingspan-Scale, Rubber-Powered, MR Mulligan Flying Model. For Beginners Learning How To Build & Fly Or The Advanced Modeler.

"Stick and Tissue" Construction (Many Small Sticks Glued Together To
Form The Airplane and Then The Frame Is Covered With Tissue Paper).
Over 75 Lazer-Cut Parts and Hand Selected Balsa.
Light-Weight White Tissue Paper Covering.
Color Peel-And-Stick Decal Set.
Full Size Plan and Step-By-Step Instructions.
Plastic Propeller, Tailwheel and 2-Two-Piece Wheels.
Vacuum-Formed Plastic Cowling, Wheel Pants and Clear Plastic Windshield Sheet.
F.A.I. Tan II Contest Rubber Bands.
Un-Bent Landing Gear Wire and Pre-Hooked Propeller Shaft.